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 Yoroshiku ne!!


*NEW NEWS Chankapana CD (unlocked post)
*NEW Yamapi - Hey3x talk+perf 2012.07.09 (f-locked within 5days)
*NEW Yamapi - Music Japan talk+perf 2012.07.08 (f-locked within 5days)
*NEW Yamapi - Shounen Club talk+perf 2012.07.04 (unlocked post)
*NEW Yamapi - Love Chase full PV (HQ)
*NEW Yamapi - Love Chase (Kayou Kyoku 2012.07.03)
*NEW Sorashige 2012.07.01 (unlocked post)
*NEW Kato Shigeaki - "Shibuya Deep A" cuts 2012.06.23 (unlocked post)
*NEW Yamapi - Love Chase short PV 
*NEW Kchan NEWS 2012.06.19 (unlocked post)
*NEW NEWS BEST Album (unlocked post but w/ password)

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NEWS Chankapana CD

I'm so loving all their solo songs! 
I repeat what I said on twitter last night "NEWS 4nin is shining more without RyoPi..and I'm saying this as a Pi biased"
They are now starting to show the potential of their voices that were hidden because of the short parts given on their songs especially KoyaShige. Starry is my fave,i'm loving Koyama's voice so much and Full Swing is perfect!

I hope that now some antis of RyoPi leaving the group will finally stop because NEWS 4nin are climbing the top, Ryo is happy with K8 and Yamapi is doing also good with his solo activities. Many fans knew about NEWS as 6 members so bashing out the other two former members will hurt those faithful fans who still cheer on NEWS as 6. We shouldn't never forget their bond as a group, the emotions they gave us and the lessons they taught us.

NOTE: Please support them by buying their CDs.

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Yamashita Tomohisa -talk+perf: Love Chase+Daite Senorita (Hey3x 2012.07.09)

This was one of the best performances that he had, after Shounen Club (for me :P)
I didn't really expect that he'll perform Daite Senorita! It really caught me off-guard *flailing over and over again*
As always, it was a flawless performance. Loving his hair,his outfit,his eyes,his voice,his lips,his arms..okay let's stop here xD

Yamashita Tomohisa - Love Chase+Daite Senorita (HEY!HEY!HEY!2012.07.09).ts_thumbs_[2012.07.09_21.28.26]
Post will be f-locked within 5 days (extending for more 3 days due to delay of talk part)

NO reposting to any streaming sites!

*Updated with talk part*

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Warning: do not DL if you don't want spoilers

Finally it's HERE! The waiting is finally OVER!!
Can't wait for their new upcoming single! I'm highly anticipating that the BGM #2 in the countdown will be also a song!

DL links are protected with a password.
And one more thing please support them by buying their album. 

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